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Counterfeit money buy Australia

Terms of trade

What we do: Here at Brisban Bills Platform, With our services you are able to buy banknotes easily and without hassle.
We are a well trusted platform and we can guarantee you will never have to worry about fraudulent transactions again.

Millions of people are left stranded in the hands of Scammers, Fake site who sells only in the dream or purchase that will never arrived at the porch or your shipping address. We are dedicated to provide a one stop online CFB platform of the future.

Mission: This website is, known for cutting out middlemen in the counterfeit banknotes trade and buying real Pass UV and Pen test, and can be used in shops, casino, gas stations, ATM etc directly from our source, is an online black market and the first modern surface market in Queensland, best known as a platform for selling Counterfeit money and other printing solutions.

Counterfeit money buy Australia


If you’re a cops/police or any security agent, stop wasting your time, because you won’t get us.

We wont ship your order if we find out you are trying to make fraud or be it, an undercover.

All bills are stored in the security house (Safekeeping) 

It has come to our noticed alot of fraudsters out there are using our names,photos to defraud people. Please do not fall in such fraud. our ONLY website is . Don’t do business with any other Brisban Bills. Stay safe and secure.