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We have created our website to help you purchase counterfeit banknotes over the Internet without any fear: Order via : wickr: plugsmith or E-mail : brisbanbills@brisbanbills.com

Our fake money is rated 9.7/10, which means that each banknote has all the security features,

  • Looks like really, feels real
  • Each banknote has all the security features,
  • Pass UV and Pen test, and can be used in shops, casino etc
  • Delivery time is usually 3 to 4 days.
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Counterfeit money, Australia Counterfeit AUD for sale

Buy counterfeit money online

Buying banknotes or investing in CFB has never been easier,

Money is not just to pay for food, accommodation, and utilities – it is to fuel your hopes and dreams, get you a better education, sublime experiences, luxurious travels, and all the finest things in life. So where do you get that much cash? Of course, you can earn it with hard work. But the majority of people in the world are severely underpaid. Most of their profits land right in their bosses’ pockets. Plus, it will take an enormous amount of hours to earn as much money as you truly wish to have. What else can you do? You can rob a bank, for example.

You may tell us: “This is a scam, fake money is just paper, and it is not worth anything.” Well, we have news for you: all money is just paper! The difference between a regular sheet of paper and a banknote is that the latter has special symbols, watermarks, serial number, and many other features that make it legitimate. And our specialists use high-class equipment to produce counterfeit notes that are no different from the originals. We reassure you that it is absolutely safe to use our money because our Counterfeit Money are designed to pass every security test out there, giving you complete freedom.

To produce a fake currency, we use:

  • the same material that is used for real money, which is 75% cotton and 25% linen;
  • high-quality printers;
  • right seals and serial number fonts;
  • holograms, holographic strips, watermarks, UV and see-through features;т
  • metallic threads and ink.

counterfeit money Australia, Fake Australia money for sale

Counterfeit money,buy quality banknotes in Australia, Brisbanbills  offers the highest quality counterfeit bank notes market in Brisbane and rest of Australia.


We have the best quality banknotes available in all denominations to ensure a cinematically-realistic appearance.

Best of all, our bills are printed with the highest quality ink and cut with precision using high-end equipment – because your purpose deserves nothing less than the best.

But it is rather foolish because you will most likely get caught and thrown to prison for that. We have a much better solution for you! Counterfeit Supplier offers fake money for sale at reasonable prices. Dollars, euros, riyals – we have all kinds of currencies to help you get your life back on track in the shortest time. Turn your small savings into a fortune with us!

Can i buy fake Australia banknotes ?

Order top quality UV and Pen test money stacks from Brisbanbills.com, the casino,spending’s,exchange #1 choice for anything you wish for, and trusted by gamblers,money lenders professionals worldwide.

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4 reviews for $AUD

  1. Pat_23

    I get my fake bills from them for a year or so. No problems at all. Only reason I don’t use them, because I was moving to another Country.

  2. Hamzi

    The notes were easy to passed them (Great counterfeit market)

  3. Primos

    Their staff is friendly and helpfull. I got my package next day delivered by the driver, notes quality was also great, before I lost money in dark web, i was actually looking for a reliable source.

  4. Primos


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